10 Serious Signs of Over-Exercising


1. Weak immune system

While moderate training has first-rate benefits to your immune health, overtraining can wreak havoc to your body. It’s scientifically validated that over-exercising can minimize glutamine, an amino acid that performs a key position in your body’s immune system.

This explains why some athletes are prone to sickness a few hours after an exercise. Besides that, the physique can produce stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) which may additionally suppress the immune function.

It’s important that you take some rest to permit your body to recover after a high-intensity exercise. If you get sick extra often, your immune gadget is telling you to slow down.

2. Insomnia

Dozens of studies endorse that over-exercising can purpose insomnia. A high-intensity exercising like weight lifting can lead to high blood pressure and an make bigger in heart charge which would possibly intervene with your sleep-wake cycle. In addition to that, the adrenaline stages can make bigger making it difficult to fall asleep. It’s worth mentioning that over-exercising can intervene with cortisol and epinephrine hormones. Therefore, you have to make certain you rest 8-10 hours after working out.




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